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Two generations of proudly built bodies

Chris’s Body Builders (CBB) started out as a small family business with Chris and his brother Anthony fabricating rigid tippers and truck trays for their Melbourne customers. Since then, the company is now in the hands of the family’s second generation and employs over 60 staff, proudly building truck bodies and trailers throughout Australia.

By working alongside its customers and building vehicles to specific needs, CBB acts as a partner to rely on through every kilometre travelled by its clients.

CBB has played an integral part in innovation within the transport industry by pushing the envelope to gain increased productivity benefits for its clients through cutting edge design.

With the capability to build three axle to six axle tipping dog trailers, semi tip trailers, sliders, tip over axles, jack knife B-doubles and converter dollies, CBB has continued to expand its product range to become a one stop tipper shop.

Based in the outskirts of Ararat, Victoria, Graeme McKay Earthworks (GME) has been a long-time advocate of CBB. The company runs an impressive fleet of trucks and plant machinery all made by the team at CBB, and GME Director, Graeme McKay, explains that he hasn’t looked back since day one.

“I met with Chris Snr around 15 years ago when I first started my trucking days and I’ve been with them ever since,” he says. “They’ve helped me to no end – we’re never down because of Chris’s Body Builders. We’ve got a good relationship and they’ve always had a good product.”
GME commenced operations in 2010 with just one truck, and thanks to the team at CBB, Graeme was able to expand his fleet and continue to grow his business.

“I only started with one truck and trailer and now I’ve got a whole fleet of trucks and trailers and they’re all CBB,” Graeme says.

Graeme explains that CBB’s high-quality builds, its excellent team of employees and the product’s value for money are factors which led to his commitment to the product.

“They offer excellent customer service,” he says. “It’s a premium product, there’s no doubt. They don’t cut any corners and they’re very good at what they do. I have tried other products before, but I’ve been so happy with Chris’s that I don’t want
to move.”

Fast fact
As an expert in Performance Based Standards (PBS), Chris’s Body Builders has played an integral part in innovation within the transport industry and produces a variety of different PBS tipping vehicles.

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