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VIC Government launches heavy vehicle monitoring trial

The Andrews Labor Government is launching an innovative heavy vehicle monitoring camera trial to clarify existing truck curfews and restrictions for trucks moving through Melbourne’s inner west.

Video analysis technology will be applied to capture heavy vehicle compliance data and detect, identify, categorise and report on different heavy vehicle types using Somerville Road, Yarraville.

The outcomes would help determine the roll-out of the technology on other key routes in the inner west to ensure ongoing safety and amenity for the community.

In collaboration with Maribyrnong City Council, the Department of Transport (DoT) is also installing truck advisory signs to warn truck drivers that A-double and B-double trucks are not permitted on specific sections of Somerville Road.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Ben Carroll, said the outcome will make restrictions clearer for everyone.

“Initiatives such as the heavy vehicle monitoring cameras and our guide developed to educate truck drivers about where and when they can travel will improve safety for inner west residents and provide further clarity for industry,” he said.

“We’re working with community, local government and the NHVR to instal additional truck advisory signs on key routes to make restrictions and messaging clearer for everyone.”

Minister for Ports and Freight, Melissa Horne, said the transport challenges in the growing area require an integrated response across government to ensure the safety and amenity of the community.

“This means creating more direct freight connections, shifting more freight to rail, and streamlining access to the port to meet our growing freight task,” she said.

DoT has also developed a simple guide published in six different languages to help inform truck drivers about where and when they can travel, and to help the industry better plan journeys to port.

These actions will assist DoT to continue to develop a monitoring and compliance response strategy for key inner west routes subject to truck bans when the West Gate Tunnel opens.

When open, the West Gate Tunnel will take 9,000 trucks off roads in the inner west and allow for the introduction of 24-hour truck bans on six local roads, including Blackshaws Road, Hudsons Road, Francis Street, Somerville Road, Buckley Street and Moore Street.

For more information on truck curfews and mass access restrictions for heavy vehicles across the state, visit Victoria’s Truck Curfew Map.

In other news, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has released its National Class 3 20m Long 3-axle Truck and 4-axle Dog Trailer Mass and Dimension Notice 2022 (No.1).

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