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Viva Energy announces non-refining net zero targets

A commitment to reducing carbon emissions for both the medium and long term across its operations has been announced by Viva Energy.

The fuel and energy supplier intends to hit a net zero target by 2030 for what it refers to as all non-refining operations.

This will be achieved, according to Viva Energy, through energy efficiency, renewable electricity and carbon offsetting.

At its Geelong Refinery the company is looking to target a ten per cent emissions intensity reduction by 2030, through energy efficiency projects and operational optimisation initiatives.

The longer term ambition of achieving net zero across all operations by 2050 was also announced by the company.

Viva Energy said the role of the refinery will evolve over time as the energy market transitions.

As part of this new pledge, Viva Energy will offset greenhouse emissions at its proposed gas terminal at the Geelong Refinery.

Viva Energy Chairman, Robert Hill said the company fully supports the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

“We play an important role in the energy security and infrastructure of Australia, and our announcement today shows our commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change in Australia and globally,” he said.

“These commitments form an important part of Viva Energy’s longer-term sustainability and new energy goals, and demonstrates our commitment to playing a critical role in Australia’s transition to a low-carbon future,” said Hill.

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