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Volvo Group recalls 494 Mack trucks due to manufacturing error

Volvo Group has issued a recall on 494 Mack trucks due to a manufacturing error.  

The recall notice says that incorrect disconnect switches and junction box mounting brackets may have been installed, which could cause the battery cable to break and result in a sudden loss of vehicle power whilst driving. 

Models CLX, CXX CMH issued between 2015 and 2021 are affected.  

You can check the  list of vehicle identification numbers here.  

Owners of affected vehicles should contact their nearest authorised Volvo Group Australia repairing dealer to schedule an appointment to have work carried out free of charge. 

Earlier this month, Daimler Truck Australia Pacific recalled 533 Fuso Shoguns due to a power distribution module wiring harness defect. 

The affected units are in the year range 2021-22 and the variants are FP7, FS7, FU7 and FV7. 

The recall notice said the power distribution module wiring harness may have been connected incorrectly to the positive and negative fuse and relay box terminals. 

As a result, a mounting bracket could interfere with the wiring, causing the power distribution module to short circuit. This may result in a vehicle fire. 

Owners of affected vehicles are advised to contact their nearest authorised Daimler commercial vehicle dealership to arrange to have the work carried out as soon as possible, free of charge. 


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