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WA manufacturing water pipes under new agreement

Extra large steel water pipes will be produced in Western Australia for the first time, under a new $58 million Water Corporation contract.

The contract with Steel Mains will see 1,600mm diameter water pipes manufactured in Kwinana rather than at the current Victorian plant.

As a result, this will eliminate previous supply chain risks and significant freight costs, while also eliminating emissions that would be created by transporting the pipe across the country.

The announcement was made on 30 November by Minister for Water Minister, Dave Kelly, who is looking forward to the project’s positive environmental impact.

“It’s fantastic to see Water Corporation leading from the front when it comes to supporting local manufacturing and local jobs by bringing the production of these extra-large steel water mains to Western Australia,” he said.

“These will be the largest steel water pipes ever manufactured in WA and will eliminate reliance on pipe trucked over from the eastern states.

“In addition to considerably lower procurement costs, less energy is needed to pump water through these mains, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping Water Corporation towards its goal of becoming a net-zero emitter by 2035.”

The first locally produced pipe will roll off the production floor in 2024 and will be used during construction of the new Alkimos Seawater Desalination Plant (ASDP) to convey water from the plant into the network.

Using the 1,600mm diameter pipes will reduce the amount of energy needed to pump water, lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 21 per cent.

In other news, a key milestone for the New Dubbo Bridge is taking place this week, with piling work starting on the floodplain adjacent to River Street, New South Wales.

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