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West Gate Project milestone: VTA State Conference 2023

The West Gate Tunnel Project is 80 per cent complete and is expected to finish on time, as revealed at VTA State Conference 2023.

The West Gate Tunnel Project involves the widening of four to six lanes each direction and the construction of dual 2.8-kilometre tunnels and a 4.8-kilometre, three-lane tunnel.

Paul Smith, Deputy Director Traffic & Network Planning for the West Gate Tunnel Project, revealed at the Conference that 10,000 segments have now been put in place as part of the southern inbound portal.

“The project has four main objectives with two of those around the freight industry base,” he said.

“We’re trying to create additional east-west capacity to enter the West, and through to the east provide an alternative to the West Gate Bridge – while providing better connectivity and support.”

In addition, Smith said all bridges on the West Gate Freeway have now been strengthened to SM 1600.

“We’re trying to build six lanes in each direction all the way between the M80 and the West Gate Bridge, and we’re trying to do that while keeping four lanes of traffic operating at all times,” he said.

One of the project’s most significant changes, which is now in place, can be seen when heading southbound on the freeway.

“If you’re heading to Geelong you’ll be in the left hand lane, and if you’re in the right hand lane you will go to the M80, whereas before it was sort of the other way,” he said.

Further advancements are expected to be made over the next 12 months.

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