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WestConnex speed limit increases to 90km/h

The speed limit of New South Wales’ WestConnex motorway has increased from 80km/h to 90km/h.

The change is underpinned by a thorough safety review by Transport for NSW which investigated the safety of the speed increase.

It arrives after the speed limit eastbound on the M5 South-West between Belmore Road at Riverwood and King Georges Road at Beverly Hills was reinstated to 100km/h in October last year.

The new speed limit will be displayed on the variable digital speed limit signs within the motorway.

Transport for NSW Executive Director Customer Journey Management, Craig Moran, said the WestConnex motorway was designed to safely allow for a 90km/h speed limit.

“After completing rigorous testing and thorough safety checks, it’s a great result for motorists that we can implement this,” he said.

“The 10 km/h change will help motorists get around the city that little bit quicker, which can make a big difference when you’ve got a family at home, or an appointment to get to.

“We will continue to listen to the community when they have speed limit concerns, and we will make adjustments on our road network when it is safe to do so.”

Variable speed limits will still apply in the WestConnex tunnel network, depending on traffic conditions.

The speed limits for Rozelle Interchange will remain unchanged.

In other news, JOST Australia is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Adelaide branch in Wingfield.

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